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AMAZING: Cats mesmerized by cat-only frequency keyboard

Let us introduce you to the keyboard for cats: the world's first-ever musical instrument designed for cats, which can play music in frequencies only a cat's refined ears can hear. The keyboard for cats was designed by a crack team of vets, sound artists and scientists, who expertly retrofitted an electric baby grand piano with cutting-edge sound technology. This enables the instrument to simultaneously output musical notes in both human frequencies (64hz 20,000hz) and frequencies up to an incredible 64,000hz, which only cats, with their superior ultrasonic hearing, can aurally appreciate. The keyboard for cats was commissioned by VPN provider, which allows netizens to see content blocked by governments and provide security and privacy online. The keyboard for cats forms part of's global anti-internet censorship campaign, The Pussycat Riot, which calls on cat owners across the world to fight the scourge of internet censorship.

Source: Press Association

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