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Heartbreaking Video Shows Students As Ferry Sinks

Soon after the ferry begins to tilt, nervous laughter can be heard from the high school students huddled below deck. In video clips stored on the cellphone of one of the young victims of a disaster that has shaken South Korea, the teenagers line up selfies, wonder if they'll make the news and discuss posting about the excitement later on Facebook.The fear in the cabin builds as the listing becomes worse. Some say they feel dizzy, that their legs are shaking. One student can be seen walking with his hands braced against the wall for balance.The shaky video was on the cellphone of a 17-year-old student, Park Su-hyeon, when rescuers recovered his body. The boy's father provided it Thursday to The Associated Press, saying he wanted to show the world the ship's condition as it sank. Park Jong-dae, the boy's father, earlier released it to select South Korean media

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