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Young Man Who Walked 20 Miles to 1st Day of Work Receives Company CEO's Personal Car

A college student from Birmingham, Alabama, whose car broke down the night before he was supposed to start a new job with a moving company was personally given a car by the company’s <span class="caps">CEO</span>.Carver High School graduate Walter Carr walked around 20 miles from Homewood, Alabama, to Pelham, Alabama, so he wouldn’t miss his first day at his new job with Bellhops moving company.When in Pelham, four police officers found Carr walking at 4.30 am and after he told them his story, they bought him breakfast and dropped him to Jennifer Lamey’s home thirty minutes before he was due to start his shift.After Lamey posted a viral account of Carr’s trek to help her move house, Bellhops <span class="caps">CEO</span> Luke Marklin drove to Birmingham under the guise of meeting Carr for coffee to personally thank him. Marklin’s meeting with Carr ended with Marklin gifting the student with his own barely-used 2014 Ford Escape.A Facebook Live video broadc

Source: Storyful

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